About Me


Marilia Martins
I'm 31 • Graphic Designer/Art Editor {Since 2004} • Brazilian { living in São Paulo } • started my career at a publicity agency and ended up in a publishing company { love it! } • Still passionate about editorial design { working as a freelancer now } • Also, I do illustrations and collages, just for fun { except when people buy it! } • I have a huge passion with LA, where I lived for 4 months in 2015 { precisely in Venice Beach..with the excuse to improve my English - which actually happened } • Can totally see myself going back { for good } • Passionate about fashionnot all the time... } music and travel { definitely travel... and music... but mostly travel!!} • Not so good with words  • Also, I watch to many TV shows { games of thrones, walking dead, grey's anatomy, blindspot, orphan black.... I guess you got it! } can also contact me and see some of my stuff: